Frying vessel for deep fryer apparatus

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Класс A47J37/12 фритюрницы, те глубокая посуда для жарения в жире; специальная посуда для обжаривания рыбы 

Класс A47J27/00 Кухонная посуда для варки пищи

Классы МПК:A47J37/12 фритюрницы, те глубокая посуда для жарения в жире; специальная посуда для обжаривания рыбы 
A47J27/00 Кухонная посуда для варки пищи
Автор(ы): Kovacs, Laszlo (Normafa u. 49-51., H-1121, Budapest, HU)
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РЕФЕРАТ (Abstract)

Frying vessel for a deep fryer apparatus, the frying vessel is closed with a bottom part from the bottom and with side wall from the side, a substantially horizontally formed electric heating element which is immersed in the frying oil and is in direct contact with the same is placed within the vessel, and at the bottom part of the vessel an outlet is provided. The bottom part of the vessel comprises a downwardly narrowing funneled portion, and the outlet is formed in the funneled portion.
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The invention claimed is:

1. A deep fryer apparatus comprising a fryer vessel, the fryer vessel comprising side walls and a bottom, an electric heating element extending substantially horizontally in the fryer vessel for direct contact with frying oil, and an outlet opening in the bottom of the fryer vessel for draining off at least used frying oil, at least a portion of the bottom adjacent the outlet opening having, in at least one vertical plane, a funnel-shape which narrows toward the outlet opening, a collection vessel having side walls, a bottom, a top and an inlet opening communicating with a space above a predetermined flying oil level in the collection vessel which predetermined level is lower than the outlet opening of the fryer vessel, a filter in communication with the outlet opening of the fryer vessel and removably disposed therebeneath so as to receive and filter frying oil drained therefrom, and a conduit communicating between a downstream side of the filter and the collection vessel.

2. A deep fryer apparatus according to claim 1, further comprising a source of superatmospheric air or other gas communicating with the inlet opening of the collection vessel, the collection vessel otherwise being substantially hermetically closed, thereby to drive the filtered used frying oil, from the collection vessel to the fryer vessel.

3. A method of operating the apparatus of claim 2, comprising (a) draining used cooking oil from the fryer vessel by gravity through the filter and collecting the used cooking oil in the collection vessel, (b) when the used cooking oil has not reached a level in the collection vessel above said predetermined level, removing the filter or removing, cleaning and reinstalling the filter, and (c) supplying superatmospheric air or other gas from said source thereof to the collection vessel through the inlet opening thereof, thereby to recycle filtered used frying oil to the fryer vessel and dislodge particulate matter from the funnel-shaped portion of the fryer vessel.

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